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Get Direct Access With Just One Click And Avail The Country’s Most Reliable Air Ambulance Service in Dehradun

Air Ambulance Service in Dehradun has come up with high-tech medical tools and a team of professionals to serve you at your door. To get the wheels, or, more applicable, the wings in motion, all that is required a call to be placed to Decan Air Ambulance Service operators. Alternatively, an email can be sent.

From here the entire assessment will be taken care of by Decan Air Ambulance Service in Dehradun that will be made and if necessary, the patient will be transferred by the service road ambulance to the airport.  Air Ambulance Service in Dehradun ensures all the necessary equipment and specialize in advance life support requirements. The aircraft and service vehicles are fortified with all the required resuscitation, monitoring and life support medical equipment fully equipped with an incubator and inbuilt ventilator, ECG monitor, pulse oximeter, syringe pump, emergency CPR drugs, obstetric pack, burns kit, and the latest spinal immobilization and movement equipment.

To fetch the complete details of Air Ambulance Service in Dehradun a one can easily access our service anytime and anywhere and can avail the service at a reasonable cost. Whenever you need the service, remember we are at your doorstep with just one click to move your close one anywhere across the country.


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